We have a number of models designed to provide affordable
ways to monitor and control all aspects of maintaining a
marine aquarium.

Our first model to come to market is the Marine Monitor LITE, our most affordable controller still
packed with a range of features most requested by the hobby Marine Aquarium keeper.
From Temperature monitoring and control to automatic leak detection, an LCD display and audio alarms
that immediately alert you to any problems before they become expensive problems!!

Beta Testing - February 2015

We are currently conducting BETA testing of our first product to market, the Marine Controller LITE. It is planned to then release a revised product to the market starting early March this year.
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Marine Monitor Features

Monitor Key Readings

Monitor Temperature, Water Levels, RO Reserve, Detect Water Leaks, Water pH, Salinity


Using the readings obtained and user set parameters the temp, water levels, water changes, and sump return pump can all be controlled automatically.


Not only do all our controllers monitor and control they also provide immediate alerting to any abnormal situations so that you can take corrective actions quickly, if the situation is serious such as a leak the system will act as well as alert you saving your from expensive problems from developing.

Remote Control

Our flagship product provides secure online access to your aquarium readings 24/7 365 from anywhere in the world! Now you can check your tank and control any of the features from the internet, via PC, tablet or smartphone Secure via central website ensuring only you can make changes.

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